Posted: 16 September 2013
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What does the UK’s future energy mix look like?
What does the UK’s future energy mix look like?

Guardian sustainable business have published an article looking at the challenges in securing future energy sources that are reliable, affordable and clean.

The UK’s energy sector has not faced such an extraordinary combination of dire problems since the crises of the 1970s – and even then help was on the horizon in the form of North Sea oil and gas. Policy interventions by government will be vital to solving the multiple looming difficulties and encouraging the massive investment needed from the private sector. But time is running out. The UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations are having to reduce their hours of operation – under European Union regulations on pollution – so replacing that capacity is a matter of urgency.

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  • Ernie Norman

    I agree that a government intervention is needed but this should be from a steering group should be made up of Government, Energy Suppliers, Environmental Groups, Private Investors and Customers.

    There needs to be an answer but not only a short term one but long term with a clear Future State Map (picture) of what is realistic and fit for purpose for both energy suppliers and customers. I believe that the energy companies should be taking the lead and be on the front foot by answering the coming questions on the future. Innovation has kept us one step ahead in most areas but we must ensure that these type of people are in the industry and are able to have their voices heard.

    Certainly a challenge ahead but one I’m sure we an meet collectively.

    E Norman

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