Posted: 20 May 2014
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We want your views
We want your views

Work with us to shape our National System Compressor Strategy.

"We’d like you to tell us the best way to gather your feedback and opinions..."

Mike Calviou, Director – Transmission Network Service, National Grid.

Later this year we’re going to need your help to develop a strategy for our gas compressors to ensure they meet the new requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Mike Calviou, Director – Transmission Network Service, National Grid

Mike Calviou, Director – Transmission Network Service, National Grid

When consultation begins in July, we’re going to want to hear your thoughts on this vital issue so we can develop a strategy that delivers a network capable of meeting your needs at a cost that’s acceptable to consumers.

But, before we begin consultation, we’d like you to tell us the best way to gather your feedback and opinions when the time comes.

We currently have 21 gas compressor sites maintaining the pressure of gas within the transmission system and getting it to its required locations. Seventeen units at eight sites are affected – by 2023 we won’t be able to operate them as we currently do – which will impact network capability.

The sites are in St Fergus, Kirriemuir, Moffat, Carnforth/Nether Kellet, Warrington, Hatton, Wisbech and Aylesbury, and we’d like to hear from the stakeholders and communities affected.

The consultation will be on our Talking Networks website nearer the time (please click here), but we’d also like to find out if there are any other ways you’d prefer to hear from us on this issue, for example by email, through social media or at industry workshops and meetings.

You can fill in a very short survey by clicking here. Alternatively, you can email your responses to Hannah Kirk-Wilson, email or call 01926 653133.

Please let us have your comments before Friday 30th May.

Background to the consultation on our gas compressor strategy

July’s consultation comes in the wake of stricter controls on industrial emissions brought together under the Industrial Emissions Directive. As a result, a number of the larger gas turbines operated by National Grid will need modifying or replacing in order to meet the new and revised limits.

Compliance with the new emissions limits is mandatory after 6th January 2016. However, National Grid will be entering any machines in its fleet that are not compliant with the requirements of the IED into a limited life ‘derogation’ or exemption, allowing their continued operation until either 31st December 2023, or when the machine has accumulated 17,500 operating hours.

All our large combustion plant that continues to operate on our system must be compliant with new limits for oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide by 31st December 2023. This can be achieved by investment, closure (where capability is no longer required or capability can be met using other solutions) or derogation.

The patterns of gas flows on the network have changed substantially since the network and many of the compressors were designed (click here for more details on how the flow has changed). This is just one of the factors for consideration during the consultation.

We want to work with you to determine the best strategy and develop an investment plan by considering a range of solutions, including, for example, commercial regime changes, new build or limited running hours.

Choices will need to be made and it’s essential you have your say on what’s important to you and the wider industry while being mindful of the cost to consumers. Please do let us know how best to seek your opinion when consultation begins.

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