Posted: 18 July 2013
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UK Future Energy Scenarios published
UK Future Energy Scenarios published

Future Energy Scenarios 2013

We have published our 2013 Future Energy Scenarios today.The UK Future Energy Scenarios document describes the scenarios used in our annual planning processes. It covers material previously included in the Gas Ten Year Statement but concentrates on the development of the scenarios and the assumptions behind them rather than the implications for the gas and electricity networks.

For 2013, we have further developed our Slow Progression and Gone Green scenarios, after making the decision to retire Accelerated Growth based on the feedback we received from our stakeholders that this was no longer a credible scenario. In addition to our scenarios, topics covered on the day included Electricity Market Reform, future network investment, future system operation and the signposts to the 2020 targets. Over 250 energy industry professionals attended the event, which represents the commencement of our 2013 FES stakeholder engagement.

More on this story to follow.

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