Posted: 22 February 2015
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Our pioneering Tier One Replacement System (TORS) project, which can make underground utilities connections without digging holes, has been hailed a ‘game changer’ by Utility Week magazine.

The robotic TORS is able to make mains-to-service connections from inside an existing mains pipeline. Because it reduces excavations on a 100m stretch of metal pipe from 22 to just two, it will take National Grid a long way towards our target of halving the number of excavations in the UK by 2017.

It will also slash the time it takes to complete replacement connections, reducing both our costs and inconvenience to the public and customers. The world-first project with Synthotech has received around £2 million of Ofgem Network Innovation Allowance funding. We’re aiming for it to be fully operational early in 2016.

Read more about the technology here:

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