Posted: 31 July 2015
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The power of innovation
The power of innovation

Three new reports show how National Grid is changing the energy industry for the better.

Using virtual reality gaming technology was one of Gas Transmission's many innovations in 2014/15 .

"What is needed to maintain safe, reliable and affordable energy is rapidly evolving."

John Pettigrew, Executive Director for National Grid.

Today marks the publication of three new reports from National Grid that explain how the company has been investing in innovation over the past 12 months.

Under the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) framework with Ofgem, all three regulated National Grid networks – Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution and Electricity Transmission – are required to publish an annual summary at the end of July, outlining how they’ve used their allowance. This is the second wave of annual reports to be produced: the first set was published in July 2014.

Although each network focuses on its own specific challenges in the reports, there are several common themes between them. These include focusing on innovation that will ultimately benefit energy consumers, nurturing collaborative relationships with industry partners, continuing to invest in state-of-the-art technology, and applying lessons learned from the previous years to future plans.

John Pettigrew, Executive Director for National Grid in the UK, said: “The energy systems in Great Britain are undergoing fundamental changes. This, coupled with the changing ways in which consumers use energy, means that what is needed to maintain safe, reliable and affordable energy is rapidly evolving.

“Our ambition for the third year of NIA is to continue to initiate projects and to ensure that the positive outcomes and learnings from all our innovation ventures are embedded into our business as usual activities to maximise value for our customers.”

The reports for all three networks can be downloaded from the National Grid website here.

The cover of the Gas Distribution annual summary.

Gas Distribution’s report looks at ground-breaking projects like PRISM and TORS.

The cover of the Electricity Transmission annual summary.

Electricity Transmission reviewed its strategic innovation priorities in 2014/15.

Gas innovation in full flow