Posted: 1 September 2015
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Realising the potential of DSR
Realising the potential of DSR

Survey by The Energyst highlights strong interest from businesses in DSR but highlights the need for a simplified set of programmes.

National Grid sits at the heart of the UK’s energy system. We know the way energy is managed is changing and we see the value demand side solutions will bring.

81% of respondents said that their main motivation for participating in DSR was to generate income from energy-intensive assets.

The Energyst.

A new survey assessing how the UK can unlock the full potential of demand side response (DSR) found that the vast majority of businesses questioned would be interested in providing demand side services if it did not disrupt their operations.

The survey by specialist magazine The Energyst, supported by National Grid and Open Energi, gathered views from 118 business leaders from companies of all sizes in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

One of the main findings is the untapped potential that exists for DSR: roughly three quarters of businesses not currently involved said they might become providers in future, while a similar percentage said they had not been approached by an energy supplier or aggregator about DSR.

A third of respondents were participating already in DSR and they gave an overwhelming thumbs-up to the experience, with 94% being satisfied with the outcome. Reflecting on the barriers to entering the demand side market, 22% said that the return on investment was not attractive enough, while a quarter said they did not understand the market options.

The positive impact that scaling up DSR could have on UK competitiveness and decarbonisation efforts was also highlighted. The vast majority of respondents said they already spend, or would spend in future, revenues gained from DSR on improved energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

The analysis comes at a timely moment for the industry. Earlier this year National Grid launched its Power Responsive platform to galvanise businesses, suppliers and policymakers to seize the opportunity presented by DSR. This event uncovered some similar themes to the Energyst report. In response National Grid is progressing work, including development of customer led products, which should help fulfil the need for a simplified set of programmes.

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