Posted: 13 November 2014
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National Grid Property receives top awards
National Grid Property receives top awards

National Grid Property receives top awards for ‘conceptual design’ and community engagement on brownfield sites.

National Grid Property picked up the awards in the Best Public Participation and Best Conceptual Design categories.

“We’re delighted to have won awards for our stakeholder engagement and innovative design, particularly as these awards represent one of the highest accolades in our industry.”

Frank Evans, National Grid Land Regeneration Programme Manager.

National Grid Property has won two awards at the annual Brownfield Briefing 2014 awards, which recognise technical and design excellence in property projects that have been underway over the past 12 months.

The team picked up awards in the following categories:

Best Public Participation – for ‘Changing Skylines: Gasholder Demolition’

Last year, we dismantled ten gasholders, with another 19 sites scheduled for 2014-15. Gaining the public’s acceptance for these projects is vitally important to their success. Supported by community relations specialists at JBP and Local Dialogue, our team has built successful relationships with local stakeholders and communities. By applying an open and transparent approach with those affected, we aim to create a positive experience for people living close to these important brownfield developments.

Best Conceptual Design, for ‘In-situ Remediation of Beckton gasholder No.1’

Through the Beckton remediation project, we have developed an innovative approach to reducing the future environmental impact of previously contaminated gaswork sites. The final design concept provided for a sustainable, safe and cost-effective solution at Beckton that will minimise the effect of the development on the local community.

National Grid Property manages the company’s surplus land across the UK. With responsibility for 500 former industrial sites, our aim is to bring ‘brownfield land’ back to proper use and make an important contribution to the regeneration of the UK’s towns and cities.

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