Posted: 26 March 2014
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Job done in 54 Days
Job done in 54 Days

What's the biggest thing you've ever built? Our engineers demolished a pylon and rebuilt it in a record 54 days.

The site in Penrhyndeudraeth was originally built on land, but erosion in recent years left the pylon situated in shallow waters on the estuary of the River Dwyryd.

"I'll always be grateful for the way these people went above and beyond what would be required in normal working conditions"

Phillip Webb, Project Engineer, Capital Delivery, National Grid

In October 2013, as a combined result of the onset of winter and forty years of water erosion, pylon 4zc30 in Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales, appeared to be leaning.

National Grid decided that urgent action was needed.

In just 54 days the team were able to:

– Stabilise the pylon and make the area safe


– Design a replacement pylon and get stakeholders and the public on board


– Create an access road for the machinery without disrupting the wildlife


– Find a safe way to remove the unstable pylon


– Prepare the foundations for the replacement pylon


– Build the new pylon and rewire.


You can see how we achieved it by viewing the video below.

  • Nick Rawstron

    Was a great privilege to be part of the rebuild and wiring of this project. Some hard work went into giving it 110% Great to know it is recognised and appreciated 😀

  • Dylan Herbert

    Penrhyndeudraeth is in North Wales not South Wales……

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