Posted: 20 November 2013
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Guardian liveblog event
Guardian liveblog event

National Grid's Head of Public Affairs debates the future energy mix for the UK.

National Grid's Janine Freeman went online to discuss the future of UK energy.

"In our conversations with the Government, we are keen to emphasise the importance of a well functioning, transparent and competitive energy market."

Janine Freeman, Head of EU & UK Public Affairs

National Grid’s Head of EU & UK Public Affairs, Janine Freeman, has taken part in an online liveblog hosted by the Guardian, following a series of Party Conference events in the Autumn.

The event was entitled, ‘Energy pricing: what is the future of the UK energy mix?’. During the session, members of the public put questions to a panel that also included representatives from the Crown Estate, uSwitch and the Association for the Conversation of Energy.

This was a timely topic – given the recent media focus on the energy sector and pricing – and it proved a good opportunity for Janine to answer the concerns that many people have. Topics discussed included energy efficiency, price rises, wind generation and transparency.

The full debate is available to view here.

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