Posted: 3 December 2013
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Clarification – December 3rd 2013
Clarification – December 3rd 2013

In some media today our Network Operations Director Chris Train has been quoted as describing the amount of energy used by families in Britain as “a luxury”.

Neither National Grid nor Chris Train see energy as a luxury and we’re sorry if that word caused anyone to misunderstand what he was trying to say. We work hard every day to balance the energy networks and ensure homes and businesses have an uninterrupted supply.

The media have focussed on one word but Chris wasn’t suggesting it was a luxury. We all want constant, secure uninterrupted supply. But in order to get that we have to ensure that there’s continued investment in the energy sector. One is put at risk without the other and that is the point he was trying to make.


  • Tim Bell

    Chris Train, has suggested that electricity from the grid is a luxury an unfortunate use of the word, because the electricity grid is today, is not just a convient supply of energy but a vital need where we all totally rely on it for our survival, many thousands would perish, and put us back a hundred years, if it were to total fail for a long period.

    Every year the grid becomes more vulnerable, and it will be inevitable that the grid will collapse due to the reliance on very sensitive electronic control systems, and the lack of will and resistance to protecting and ‘harderning’the system! Made worse because of lack of spare generation capacity in the winter.

    I was very disappointed, in Chris’s evidence and answers to the Defence committee. Where he suggested that to harden the grid could be a disadvantage and push the problem on else where, and that it could only be done when new equipment was being replaced with maintenance. It would take forever, how often do they replace 400kv transformers which are at risk.

    It was also disappointing to hear that the UK system is substantially different to the U.S. and that it might not be appropriate here in the UK to do what is being done in North America.
    The only real difference is on the low voltage side, and not on the HV side therefore making it more difficult for the U.S. To harden because of the amount of HV networks they have.

    The proven technology for protection for HV transformers has been

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