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Posted: 12 September 2013
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It is important that National Grid engages with political parties. Pictured is the company stand at the 2012 conference for the Department of the Environment and Climate Change (DECC).

Fringe benefits

Paul Thompson shares his views on why it’s important for National Grid to join the debate at party political conferences.

Posted: 22 August 2013
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Offshore wind generation as part of the London Array in the Thames Estuary. The UK needs to reach a combined wind capacity of 26 GW by 2020 to help meet its environmental obligations. © London Array

2020 signposts

How will the UK fare in the race to meet its environmental targets by 2020? Gary Dolphin examines the hurdles to be overcome.

Posted: 15 August 2013
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Joining the debate: Richard Smith (left), National Grid’s Head of Energy Strategy and Policy, on stage at the Hay Literary Festival

It’s good to talk

Alan Price, National Grid Public Acceptability Manager, explains why it is so important to work together to meet the UK’s energy challenge.

Gas innovation in full flow