In depth analysis on the hot topics across National Grid and the energy industry.
Posted: 28 March 2014
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Protecting the environment and inspiring young people are just two of the challenges that National Grid have to tackle as a responsible business.

Responsible thinking

Caroline Hooley explains why Responsible Business Week is a good fit for some of the priorities that drive National Grid and its employees.

Posted: 6 March 2014
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Only 5.5% of engineering professionals in the United Kingdom are female.

All together now

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Simon Langley explains why gender imbalance and other forms of exclusion are such an important challenge for business.

Posted: 27 February 2014
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Heating our homes

Stephen Marland, National Grid Gas Demand Manager on the implications of alternative technologies to our homes and the energy sector.

Looking ahead to FES 2018