Hidden talent


Hidden talent

TSO Project Manager Mark Pickles on how the EmployAbility, Let’s Work Together scheme is helping students with learning disabilities into employment.

Case study:

Storm in a teacup?

Severe Risk and Resilience Analyst Andrew Richards explains the reality of solar storms.

Storm in a teacup?


Changing where and how we work

Changing where and how we work - National Grid’s award-winning Smart WorkSpace design.

Foot on the gas?

Talking points:

Caroline Kluyver offers her insights into Natural Gas Vehicles, and the role they could play in a low-emission future for the UK.

Changing where and how we work


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    As we gear up for the first capacity auction in December, how will the Capacity Market work and what is National Grid’s role?

  • Careers advice that counts

    Steve Holliday, National Grid’s Chief Executive Officer, on the ‘Making Education Work’ report.

  • Building a robust network

    Phil Sheppard explains how the UK can make sure that it has the right energy infrastructure in place for the future.

  • Building resilience

    Steve Holliday’s keynote speech on building resiliency, driving growth, and advancing sustainability in a rapidly changing world.

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  • Friday 7th November

    National Grid half-year results